Choice for consumers is essential and is not only important that consumers be informed of their choices but also it must be documented that choice was offered, that risk were discussed and all providers must respect the wishes of the consumer as long as it does not place the welfare and safety of them and others at risk.

Documenting the service offering protects the the client, keeping communication clear.

Our service coordinators care about you & your family’s health

Choices are made throughout the development process here are some examples :

  • Providing information to participants about how to make a request for changes to their services, including providing information on how the participant and/or representative may request meetings to revise the ISP whenever necessary.

  • Each consumer has the right to include a representative, family, friends, advocates, or others. The participant may choose to include his/her direct service provider as part of the person-centered planning process; however, the direct service provider may not develop the ISP.

  • Informing the participant and/or representative about the full range of HCBS services and supports that are available to achieve the participant’s identified goals.

  • Informing participants of the opportunities to engage in community activities of the participant’s choice. This may include shopping, attending religious services, etc. The participant’s cultural preferences must be acknowledged and reflected in the planning process.