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Our Service Coordinators care about you & your family’s health

"Not Your Typical Director"

I am Brandon P. Rice, Service Coordinator and owner of All Care Registry;  I hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


 All Care Registry was incorporated in spring of 2013 shortly after I  graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, OH. I began working at a Home Care agency in Pittsburgh and I started at the ground level working as an aide. Within a year I was pulled into management and hired as a staffer. I must admit this is where I honed in my leadership skills and was able to find my purpose in business.


While I enjoyed the work I did at Home Healthcare Group, I knew that my real passion was for our consumers, not the people who worked for them. At this point I had enough management experience to actually become a Service Coordinator. I considered taking a job with another company to learn role before starting my own company, however God had different plans.


In December 2014, I began the process to form All Care Registry into what you see today, but it was not without sacrifice. Like many small businesses I started with my last paycheck from my old job to take care of fees and insurances to start the business. After 15 months of trying we were finally awarded our Service Coordination contract from the Office of Long Term Living and begin marketing our services in the community.

"Not your typical Director" is much more than a tagline.

I have personally written all of our policies and procedures, and put years of research into Home and Community based services before serving our 1st consumer. I don’t share this as a way to bask in my own glory; but to show the level of effort and energy that was needed to succeed in this industry. Moreover shows my willingness to roll my sleeves up and do the work that is needed.

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Our Service Coordinators care about you & your family’s health
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